Sheila McCarthar-Moore

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I grew up in Clarkston, Michigan with my parents and three sisters. Born in the early 60’s we spent our summers traveling Michigan. Our old Chevy station wagon logged a lot of miles traveling from campground to campground. In our travels we saw every inch of this beautiful state. We visited the Mystery Spot, Sea Shell City and saw a giant Paul Bunyan with Babe his blue ox.  We had great adventures on Bob-Lo Island and immersed ourselves in the history of Mackinac Island. We climbed the sand dunes in Travers City and Port Huron brought us freighters we would watch as we floated in the icy waters until our limbs turned purple.


But for me the best part of our travels were the stops we made along the way. Dad loved old cars and he loved to drive.  Our destination could be a half hour away but it could take us 2, 3 even 4 hours to get there. We stopped at every garage sale, flea market and swap meet that he could find. And I was hooked, a new adventure around every corner never knowing what you might find. Heaven!


My sisters were content to just be out of the car for a while, or to just sit on the tailgate cooling off with a cold Faygo soda or a bottle of Vernor’s. But not I, I wanted to listen to the old timers tell their stories of the past then get lost while exploring for treasures.


When we weren’t camping we were all about family. Dad an only child married into a family of 9 girls. Yep, mom has 8 sisters and on any given day you would find one, two or more of them at our home along with their families. Weekends at our house were filled with Aunts, uncles, cousins and food. Lots of homemade food, nothing fancy but always good. Mom would make her mac and cheese  proudly served in her big yellow Pyrex bowl. We would have burgers, baked beans and banana pudding and these too would be served in beautiful Pyrex dishes. Thus began my love affair with Pyrex.


Years later I met and married my husband Leroy. From our very first date I knew he was a keeper. He took me to an antique show where he bought me a rusty old toy truck to add to my toy collection. Now that’s love. We still go antiquing together and have filled our home with beautiful things that take us back to a much simpler time.


I have been collecting Pyrex, kitchen wares and vintage toys for as long as I can remember. I have been selling for seven years and have had a booth for three. Booth #59 is on the main floor in what is known as the “White Room” . For updates and specials please like my Facebook page, Booth #59 at Holly Antiques