Dick Lloyd



Gentlemen’s or Officer’s travel liquor chest set., with swing out door sides, complete with key. c.1800.


Plains Indian Crow Mirror Bag and a Nez Perce fiber bag, c. 1880’s.

Dick Lloyd didn’t realize then, at a very young age, he was becoming a collector and had an interest in antiques…

When just starting elementary school in Ohio, I remember I enjoyed looking in the old wooden detached garages facing a thin gravel alley, to see what I could find; often “neat” and unusual old things that connected with me.

I was too young to collect but looked, and somehow knew I wanted to preserve the history and value I saw in special items not cared for.  Yes, sounds like a hoarder at a young age.  This may be part true if you ask my wife and two kids (son and daughter).   But I remember our old large home in Tiffin, Ohio that had a large garage with an attic and trap ceiling door that I wasn’t allowed to pass through.  That didn’t always stop me, as I couldn’t help myself from exploring a new world of old dirty treasures, large and small.  I would usually find some small item to save and clean up; sometimes needing repair.


A couple years later our 90 plus year old neighbor died in his old large estate white home.  I could not believe what they pulled out of his home on the large lawn for a huge estate antique auction.  He probably lived with these pieces most of his life, as there was nothing “new.”  This was around the 1950’s.  I saw some beautiful early walnut furniture and complimenting home fixtures that any antique enthuses would appreciate.  I was thinking I would like to bid on some, but at an elementary school age, I had no money or place for these.  I was thinking to myself that my dad should buy some for “investment” as I felt they were a special group of antiques, well cared for, and a great opportunity.  But what could I know about this?

As time went by, it was when I was in high school that I slowly started to buy and collect. This was collecting coins then some antique guns.  This evolved into collecting Frontier Antiques which includes early Native American items and pioneer life items that I still collect today.

I recently started the “Indian Art And Frontier Antiques Show” which takes place every Fall in Ann Arbor, MI.  This year’s 7th annual show is October 8th.  And a couple years ago I experimented with my Frontier Antiques website:www.RTLloydCollection.com

I am now retired from Engineering, still collecting, but slowing down.  I have a booth and a couple display cases at Holly Antiques by RBM.